Rally Obedience

The general objective of rally obedience classes is provide the opportunity for dogs to work through a course of stations from a selection of stations based upon the experience level of the dog. This sport is an opportunity to build a bond with your dog, and enjoy a less formal version of obedience where you may talk to and ecourage your dog. 

As with other ANKC sports, this sport is open to crossbreds and rescues that are registered with DogsQLD (or other ANKC state bodies) as well as purebred dogs.

  • At novice level, there is 10 - 15 stations.
  • At advanced level, 12 - 17 stations.
  • At excellent level, 15 - 20 stations.
  • At masters level, 18 - 24 stations. 

Once you and your canine partner are working well as a team, you may wish to consider competing in rally obedience trials, which are governed by the Rules for the Conduct of Rally Obedience Trials, of the Australian National Kennel Council.


The titles available for rally obedience include: 


Rally Novice
Rally Advanced
Rally Excellent
Rally Advanced Excellent (optional)
Rally Master


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