The general objective of obedience classes is provide the opportunity for dogs to socialize in a controlled environment, and for them to perform basic exercises on command.

Once you and your canine partner are working well as a team, you may wish to consider competing in obedience trials, which are governed by the Rules for the Conduct of Obedience Trials, of the Australian National Kennel Council.

Competitive Obedience starts on lead at a basic level (heel on lead, stand for exam, recall and stays), this then works through the off lead levels beginning with novice through the highly advanced utility excellent level. Different exercises are added at each level to improve the skills that the dogs have, and the handlers ability to train new skills. 


The titles available for obedience include: 

Community Companion Dog (optional)
Companion Dog
Companion Dog Excellent
Utility Dog
Utility Dog Excellent

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