About Us

Rockhampton Dog Obedience Club Inc was established in 1971, with the aim of educating and encouraging training and competition of dogs in Central Queensland under the governance of Dogs Queensland.

Our club has grown to meet the needs of the community and now caters for a variety of disciplines, including: Obedience, Rally Obedience, Tracking, Track & Search, Agility, Jumping and Games. 

Whether you are simply seeking a venue to socialise your dog, provide enrichment or work towards competition, our club has a variety of options available.

Club members are also welcome to attend any of our trials, which are held throughout the year.  This is a good way to check out the opportunities available for competition.


Current Office Bearers for 2020/2021


President                      Jaime Manning
Vice President    Cathy Robson
Secretary                      Sheena Bassett
Treasurer                     Clint Wehmeier
Trial Secretary – Obed., Agility, Rally-O Naomi Shaw
Assistant Trial Secretary Cathy Robson
Tracking/Track and Search Trial Secretary Annette Kirkwood
Tracking Trial Secretary Christine Holmes



  • Cathy Robson
  • Christine Holmes



Intake Officer  Brielle Robson
Assistant Intake Officer   Mel Sutton
Trophy Officer      Clint Wehmeier
Assistant Trophy Officer    Brielle Robson
Publicity Officer Glynis Hendricks
Web Master  

Naomi Shaw

Jaime Manning

Training Officers     

Clint Wehmeier

Jaime Manning

Canteen Officer      Brielle Robson


Membership forms

2020/21 Membership forms available here

Contact Details

Rockhampton Dog Obedience Club
Rockhampton, QLD, Australia
Email : [email protected]