Tracking/Track and Search

The general objective of the tracking and track & search sports is for a dog to be able to recognize and follow human scent while adapting to changing scenting conditions.

Under trial conditions, tests are as close as possible to a life-like situation, where a dog is used to find a missing person. In tracking the dogs work in a rural environment, in track and search the dogs work in an urban environment.The dog is required to work on varied surfaces including gravel, sand, paved surfaces, and roads as well as through paddocks, bush, and occasioal standing water.

Training and trialing for Tracking or Track and Search is primarily conducted in the cooler months of the year, during the early morning (to avoid the heat and the chances of encountering snakes). Track and search also has tests held in the afternoon and at night.

Once you have learned the basic skills and routines, you may choose to start competing in Tracking trials, which are conducted under the Rules for the Conduct of Tracking Trials of the Australian National Kennel Council. 

Tracking Titles Available: 



Tracking Dog
Tracking Dog Excellent
Tracking Champion

After successfully obtaining the title of Champion Tracker, dogs and handlers can work towards a Track and Search Excellent Title, under the Rules for the Conduct of Track and Search Dog Trials of the Australian National Kennel Council.  

Track and Search Titles Available:


Track and Search Dog
Track and Search Dog Excellent
Trach and Search Champion
Track and Search Grand Champion






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